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Summer Awaits - Take Control

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

With summer in full swing, I am sure you have all been outside hanging out with the kiddos and finding that your pelvic floor is not quite what it used to be ... you know who you are.

I get it, I struggled with getting my pelvic floor back into shape after delivering my baby last year, and yes it was a process. When I would cough, sneeze, or laugh, a dribble or two would not be uncommon. Trust me, you can take control of those muscles again and there is no better time than now. It only takes about 4-6 weeks to get full control back.

Just like any other muscles in our body, the pelvic floor muscles are composed of slow and fast twitch muscle fibers that can be strengthened accordingly. Working on pelvic floor muscle activations with a quick flick (preparing for a cough, sneeze, or laugh attack) or slow "Kegalvator" (imaging your pelvic floor muscles riding up an elevator from the first to second floor) can help.

Want more information or are ready to take control of your pelvic floor again? Contact Your All In Physical Therapist Pelvic Floor Guru for more information.

Don't let these summer months pass you by because you were running to the bathroom ... "change your life, not your panties."

-Your All In Physical Therapist Pelvic Floor Guru, Angeline Petersen, PT, DPT

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