Six weeks ago, I was not making it to the bathroom fast enough. Sneezing, laughing, coughing, and picking up my granddaughters were all causing me to need to change my clothes. It had been gradually getting worse over time. I had accepted that it was going to be my experience the rest of my life.

Then, sitting on Angeline's table getting an amazing foot massage chatting about what we were both up to, she said, "I'm taking a Woman's Health class this weekend about strengthening the pelvic floor." When she told me about everything she was going to learn in that class I was thrilled and booked an appointment with her for the following week!

When she did my initial assessment, she discovered that I was weak on one side, I didn't do Kegels correctly, my lower core lacked strength, I needed some hip strengthening, and I had some signaling issues.

I saw her once a week for four weeks with a follow-up assessment at six weeks. The exercises were easy, isolated tiny very important muscles, helped me work them all together, and were very effective! I noticed a difference in a few days!!!!

I had my six week assessment on Friday. All areas of concern are now fine. There are other areas in my life that have improved as well... Libido, endurance, painless sex, and, get this... Better Breath support while singing!!!!

Ladies, come see Angeline! She specializes in pelvic floor strengthening. The work she does is phenomenal!

Change your life, not your panties!

-Gail Straker


"After shattering my elbow I came to All In Physical Therapy where I met Angeline my physical therapist. Angeline is passionate about her work! She’s very friendly, outgoing, and always ready to help you improve and get back to where you need to be. She helped me through the process of getting my range of motion back to normal and helped improved my strength. When I started looking for a physical therapy facility I frequently ran into scheduling issues but I found All In and they were available and willing to work around my schedule right away! Jim the receptionist is friendly and a good listener. I’ve never had any issues with scheduling or billing. I highly recommend All In Physical Therapy to everyone in need of healing from injury and restored movement. The facility is new and very nice! If you’re in need of physical therapy, choose ALL IN!"

-Ricky Ramierez

"I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment at All In Physical Therapy. I have had several significant sports-related injuries, and Jason has successfully guided me through pre-op and post-op rehab. He is thorough and patient, and always explained the "why".

Let's face it...as an athlete, I naturally want to rush back into activity, so his explanations were crucial - and I learned that when I followed his instructions - I was usually back in action even sooner than my doctor's original estimations.


You will not receive "cookie cutter" care at All In PT. They truly care about their patients and work with you to create the best rehab plan for you."

-Cheryl Iseri

"After struggling for years with hip, knee, and ultimately lower back pain I was at my wits end.  Trips to the chiropractor, massages and a steady regimen of anti-inflammatory medications were no longer making a difference.  I was surprised, and overwhelmed that a visit to Jason Allred revealed what so many others had missed, and that my years of progressive pain was corrected with stretching and exercises that helped go to the root of the pain rather than treat the symptoms.  I now am able to move freely and lift weights without fear of doing more damage to my joints.  I no longer feel that surgery is the only option, I can focus on getting stronger and being more active with my wife and children.

Do yourself a favor, find a better solution, make an appointment with Jason!"

-Randy Ford, Supply Chain Operations Manager, Father, Weightlifter, and Adventure Seeker.

"I, unfortunately, am one of those people who have been blessed with a body that continually falls apart. There is always something out of alignment; luckily Jason Allred is my Physical Therapist.


In the last three years he has put me back together more times than I can count and has kept me biking which is the thing that I live for.


If you need physical therapy you owe it to yourself to see Jason at All In Physical Therapy. His amazing personal approach of PT expertise and small-town charm will have you entering as a patient and leaving as family."


-Thekla Simpson

"I have been going to see Jason since 2006. I was dealing with tingling and burning hands. My hands would wake me up in the middle of the night. He quickly found the source of the problem and his treatment gave me relief that very day.

I remember years ago being told by a PT that physical therapy was painful but good for you. Jason has the opposite philosophy! If you feel pain during one of your exercises, he stops you and modifies or changes the exercise so there is no pain.


He is kind, gentle, cheerful, and always professional. He cares deeply for his patients' well-being. He teaches his patients how to maintain the progress they make in his clinic.


He also teaches them how to prevent injuries while actively enjoying life. He taught me how to purchase athletic shoes for my grandson, he made sure my boots fit me correctly before I hiked the Grand Canyon Rim-to-rim last August, and he gave me stretches and exercises to do to help me have an injury free hike.


Since 2006, Jason has treated me for carpal tunnel, knee pain and replacement, plantar fasciitis, and posture issues. I'm currently being treated for whiplash due to being rear-ended earlier this year.


I trust the staff at All In Physical Therapy with all of my PT needs. I can't say thank you enough to Jason and Jim for everything they have done for me and my family."

-Gail Straker


"I have been to many P.T. groups in this area (Boise/Meridian) and I can say that All In P.T. is the best by far. New building in a great location, with all new equipment, and the best people to work with. From complete shoulder replacement to full mobility with the help of "All In". The therapists are kind, caring and professional. This is the only Physical therapy office I will go to. Try it, you'll agree!"

-Sue Waln 


"I have been going to All In Physical Therapy for several months now due to a serious sports injury. The staff knows exactly what to do for my injury and have been working closely with my orthopedic surgeon to make sure I am 100% ready to play again. The staff is the best and the whole process has been smooth and professional. Their brand new facility is very nice with all the latest and best equipment. I enjoy going to PT because I know I’m getting better every time and I’m in the best hands."

-Coby Wittmuss


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