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At All In Physical Therapy we strive to work with all patients who come through our door for all of their Physical Therapy needs.  Our Physical Therapists are highly trained in all areas of Physical Therapy and are here to assess and plan out the best plan of care for each individual patient.  Our facility is designed for one on one care, in the open gym or private treatment room with blackout shades, controllable surrounding with dimmable lights, blinds, or sound that can accommodate all individuals, including those with special needs or disabilities.



Back, Knee, Shoulder, Hips and so much more

Back pain got you down?  Shoulder injury or knees flaring up? Recovering from orthopedic surgery?  We have got you covered.  

A therapist at All In Physical Therapy will assess and work with your health care provider to make sure we are correctly and effectively treating the core of your orthopedic pain/injury. From knees and joints, to back pain, from shoulder injury and surgery to muscular strengthening, we will map out a plan to get you back to your normal routine.  Initial evaluations will go over your health history and your current condition and then the therapist will assess each need individually to map out a treatment plan.  Treatments will include a regular visit with your therapist as well as an in home exercise plan.  

We are ready to help you return to the life you want to lead.


Dizziness, balance

Have you ever stood up and felt the room spin?  Have you ever quickly glanced behind you and felt the world turn around?  Do you lie down and feel as though your bed is spinning?  Is this a regular occurrence, that often leaves you feeling queasy or unable to perform daily tasks?  Do you feel as though the spinning will not stop? Then you might be experiencing Vertigo.

Your Physical Therapist will often use the Epley Maneuver.  Epley maneuver involves a series of specifically patterned head and trunk movements to move those tiny displaced otoliths to a place in the inner ear where they can’t cause symptoms. 

The goal is the move the particles from the semicircular canals back to where they are supposed to be so that these crystals cannot cause trouble.

Each position of the Epley is held for about 30 seconds or until there is no longer any abnormal eye movements. 

After the procedure you should avoid lying flat or placing the ear below shoulder level for the rest of the day and sleep on extra pillows to elevate the head.  This allows those crystals to rest and stay put.

You should see a significant difference in a couple of visits.

Appropriate exercises will be assigned by the physical therapist to be performed at a prescribed pace, along with a progressive fitness program to increase energy and reduce stress

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Incontinence, Pelvic Pain, Pain with Urination or Sexual Dysfunction

Do you struggle with pelvic pain?  Incontinence or frequent urination?  Do you have to wear protection during the day for leakage?  Do you experience pain with urination?  Or pain with sexual intercourse?

A physical therapist at All In Physical Therapy can evaluate and treat pelvic floor muscles and assess for Diastasis Recti, Muscle Imbalance, Pelvic Floor weakness, and urinary dysfunction - incontinence as well as prolapse.    Our physical therapist helps women with pelvic pain and understanding which muscles are involved - such as pain with sexual intercourse or with urination. 

After proper assessment in a private room, a plan of care will be established discretely with treatments that can include manual techniques, and use of biofeedback/IFC as needed, modalities, muscle re-training for strengthening and/or endurance, and exercises with appropriate activation of pelvic floor muscles and core stabilization techniques.  An at home plan may also be recommended.

In preparation you may be asked to track your bladder/voiding for 3 days to properly assess your needs. 

Auto MVA


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that occur following a motor vehicle accident (MVA).  Damage to the spinal muscles, nerve roots, ligaments, or discs may occur.  Whiplash symptoms might be delayed 24 hours and may include: headache, neck/back pain, difficulty sleeping, pain between shoulder blades, numbness/tingling into arms/hands, or even dizziness.  Symptoms of whiplash can be managed with Physical Therapy interventions.  Our physical therapist can help you through manual techniques, postural awareness/education, strengthening exercises, and modalities as needed for pain management.  Returning you to a pain free life is our primary goal.  

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD)

Headache, Jaw Pain/Fatigue, Difficulty Opening Mouth, Jaw Popping or Locking

TMJD is simply a disorder of the masticatory structures resulting from repetitive motion.  Some common symptoms include: headache, jaw pain/fatigue, difficulty opening mouth or eating, ringing in the ears, dizziness, headache, jaw popping/locking, and neck pain.  Your All In Physical Therapist will work on restoring proper postural positioning, improve jaw mobility/range of motion, and decrease pain.  Specific treatments may include soft tissue mobilization/massage, modalities for pain management, and education on postural awareness. 

Headaches & Cervicogenic Headaches

Headaches, Neck Stiffness, Lack of Mobility

Cervicogenic headache is a secondary issue with the underlying cause coming from a cervical spine tendon/ligament/disc/nerve issue.   These headaches are very debilitating as the source of the problem needs to be addressed.  Your All In Physical Therapist can help identify the source and treat appropriately.  Typical signs and symptoms might include: neck stiffness, lack of neck mobility, eye pain, pain upon coughing/sneezing, or a headaches based on head positions.  Based on the source of the issue, interventions may include: soft tissue mobilization/massage, manual cervical traction, joint mobilizations, postural education, modification of work environment or sleeping positions, and even strengthening major postural muscles.  Modalities might even be used to manage pain symptoms.  

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