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Patient Spotlight-Meet Krista

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

“In November of 2019 I suffered a nerve injury resulting from a c-section which left me in chronic pain. I saw many doctors over the course of 20 months trying to obtain the help necessary to fully recover. Some doctors told me it was “just a pain loop” and that I should go on tricyclic antidepressants and change my lifestyle (stop the workouts I enjoy and swim/cycle instead). Other doctors told me that I was looking into the wrong specialty to obtain the treatment I so desperately needed. I had several procedures during this 20- month period of time trying to obtain the quality of life back that I had enjoyed prior to my c-section. All were band-aid fixes. Throughout this whole period of time, I had the support of Angeline at All In Physical Therapy. She never once doubted that I had a problem that needed to be addressed. Angeline worked with me to try every conservative treatment possible including ultrasound, cupping, scar tissue release, and dry needling which were able to provide temporary pain relief. When it came time, she wrote a letter to a specialist in Chicago to help me obtain a specialty surgery needed to treat my condition. I will soon be back to have Angeline rehabilitate my core muscles post-surgery and ensure that I don’t develop adhesions. After all, Angeline was able to get my rectus abdominus muscle to work again post nerve injury, so I am completely confident that she can work her magic again this time. In addition, Angeline was able to quickly treat and prescribe exercises for nerve compression in my right arm. I would hands down recommend seeking expert, conservative, and personalized treatment from the best provider in town prior to resorting to major medical procedures that nobody wants to have done.” -Krista

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