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Dry Needling Explained

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What is this Dry Needling I keep hearing about? Dry needling is not acupuncture, but it is a modern treatment that does use acupuncture needles. These needles are thin, sterile, stainless steel, and do not inject fluid into the body. This is why the term “dry” is used. The goal of dry needling is to reduce pain and muscle tension through treatment of trigger points in and around the area of pain. This is thought to help achieve homeostasis, or balance.

Dry Needling is typically used as part of your physical therapy treatment plan, rather than a standalone treatment. Your practitioner will evaluate your injury/condition. They will discuss these findings and the best treatment options. Dry Needling begins with palpation to find the tightness or trigger points in the affected muscle and then the needles are applied to and around that point. After 10-15 minutes the needles are then removed.

Research supporting the use of dry needling is limited, but most of the existing research supports the practice for relieving mild to moderate pain. Due to the limited research, most insurances do not cover it outright. We do have options to make the treatment affordable.

Curious about needling and if it could help with your pain? Talk to your All In Physical Therapist or stop in to see us to discuss dry needling options. -Jason Allred, DPT

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