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Preventing Toboggan Rides This Winter

Winter is here, time to hit the slopes! Ski and snowboard season is notorious for injuries. The most common injuries related to skiing are ACL and MCL ruptures in the knee, shoulder sprains/fractures, wrist/thumb fractures, whiplash and concussions. Snowboarders are 50-70% more likely to be injured on the slopes than skiers due to the number of falls that take place. Common injuries include broken or sprained wrists, shoulder fractures or dislocations, and concussions.

Taking time to make sure your equipment is the correct size and has the proper fit, as well as, ensuing the equipment is in proper working order is an important step to helping to avoid injury.

Keeping your body in good shape is another important step. Your core, glutes, upper leg and lower leg muscles all must be working together to prevent injury. Flexibility is also key for injury prevention as the equipment has the athlete locked into place during activity. It is important to be sure that the body is moving fluidly and suitably prior to the start of the season, and throughout the season to prevent that visit with ski patrol.

The QR codes attached have a stretching program and work out specifically tailored for these winter athletes. Keep your body ready for these winter activities and to help avoid that toboggan escort.

-Alex Wilson, DPT

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