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Patient Spotlight-Meet Kaneasha

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

“After our head on collision on ten mile going 40 mph.. with my feet on the dashboard.. PSA, please don’t put your feet on the dashboard!

After two years of vigorous training in jiu jitsu, I’m a competition athlete, I coach kid’s classes and I’m also a mom of 3 kids and a wife, life is hard to slow down.

I went in not being able to move my ankle or foot or feel it, utilizing a scooter/ or crutches. Severe nerve damage to my foot and ankle, 3-inchwide 2nd degree burns. Neck, back, hips, knee and shoulder injuries.

It’s been 3 weeks in physical therapy visiting 3x per week, and I can now walk in a normal shoe with a carbon fiber foot plate. I can feel 3 of my toes! And I’ve had three ribs popped back into place along with both hips! I’ve had severe cartilage damage, so my ribs and hips find their way out every now and then, but I’m back to the gym and back to coaching kids’ class! Can’t wait to get back on jiu jitsu competition mats in probably late spring to summer! Burns have healed up with minimal scars.

My neck, back and shoulders are recovering well with cardio and PT exercises, and I’ve been utilizing ultrasound therapy and cupping for my foot and ankle! So grateful for Angeline Petersen, my physical therapist. She’s an angel!

I didn’t think I’d ever feel my foot or toes again, or even step back on the mats after this. They didn’t feel like they were mine for almost a month. So endlessly grateful for recovery!! All In Physical Therapy has been such a huge blessing for our family!”


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