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Patient Spotlight-Meet Becky

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

After retiring from my career in June 2021, involving sitting behind a desk for 10-12 hours a day and living a fairly sedentary life, I found myself in a position of being more active than ever before. Within a few months, I was experiencing constant pain in my knee, hips, lower back, heel, elbows, and wrists.

My knee pain was finally diagnosed as patellofemoral pain and I was referred by my doctor to physical therapy, specifically, Angeline at All In Physical Therapy. During my first visit, we discussed my knee pain and then I asked, “Could we also talk about all my other ailments?”. This began my amazing journey of restoration and healing.

These issues were beginning to prevent me from doing the things I enjoyed and hindering my ability to accomplish day to day tasks (ex. cleaning the Airbnb I manage, taking walks, serving in my community, traveling, and even getting a good night’s sleep).

Angeline was so thorough as she assessed the issues and laid a plan to recovery so I could achieve success in the active lifestyle I now had. Angeline determined my major issues stemmed from extremely tight muscles, tendons, etc. (IT Band, Hamstring, many others) and overall weakness. She utilized several hands-on techniques and targeted specific stretching and strengthening exercises. The hands-on techniques included ultrasound, massage, cupping, spooning and my favorite of all - dry needling. I had never before experienced these techniques and found them all to be so beneficial in the layers of my recovery.

I am known to get quite overwhelmed with at home stretching and exercises. Angeline was so helpful to ensure I had printed resources and that I fully understood the routine needed at home to move my recovery forward.

After ~8-10 weeks with Angeline, I no longer have issues with my hips, lower back, elbows and wrists, and very little pain in my knee and heel. My physical therapy even helped me regain balance and stability in my joints. I am continuing to do targeted stretches and exercises to further increase strength and flexibility. I can now clean the Airbnb without pain, I can enjoy travel without being slowed down during the trip or out of commission for a day or two upon arriving home. Life is good and I am so grateful for the expertise and genuine caring I received. Thank you to Angeline and the All In team! -Becky

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