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Recovering from a Cesarean Section and Post-partum Pelvic Floor Q&A

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Q: How can one help the recovery process after a cesarean section (c-section)?

A: Recovery after c-section delivery could take longer than a vaginal delivery but the outcomes are still the same.

Q: Do I still need to work my pelvic floor?

A: The pelvic floor muscles have still managed to weaken during pregnancy and must still be strengthened.

Q: Will the diastasis recti ever go away?

A: Diastasis recti is common during pregnancy and can be usually reversed and lessened with conservative abdominal work outs, in conjunction with pelvic floor activation. It may take a little extra recovery time to allow the c-section incision to heal, so make sure to check with your doctor on the right timeline for you.

Q: Why is my c-section scarring still numb?

A: Occasionally numbness around the incision can persists for months and in the rare instance a nerve might have gotten entrapped and might need a little extra work to get the sensation back.

Make sure to express concerns with your physician and feel free to reach out to your All In Physical Therapy pelvic floor PT with any questions about the best exercises to start with during the recovery process.

-Angeline Petersen, PT, DP

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