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Know Pains, Know Gains

Updated: May 22, 2023

We’ve all heard the expression “no pain, no gain.” But what does that really mean!? Is pain really weakness leaving the body? Does it really need to hurt before it gets better?

Your All In PT therapists are here to put a different spin on that phrase with “know your pain, know your gains.” We like to think that PT doesn’t stand for pain and torture but more less physical therapy that is here to help with the recovery process, like pampering touch perhaps!? We like to have our patients differentiate between their pain that sent them to PT in the first place and the actual muscles soreness or aches they might be getting during recovery. Yes, we like to pick apart the parts of your body that hurts and work the muscles that have been forgotten and not worked in a while, that’s where you get the soreness from and knowing your pains from gains. We don’t want that usual pain to settle in any worse than it was before you stepped through our doors. We want you to feel the recovery process while the pain dissipates.

Please let us know if your original pain is worsening because that’s not our intent. Therefore, knowing your pain will allow for knowing your gains with PT.

-Angeline Petersen, PT, DPT

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