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Meet Gayle-Patient Spotlight

Six weeks ago, I was not making it to the bathroom fast enough. Sneezing, laughing, coughing, and picking up my granddaughters were all causing me to need to change my clothes. It had been gradually getting worse over time. I had accepted that it was going to be my experience the rest of my life.

Then, sitting on Angeline's table getting an amazing foot massage chatting about what we were both up to, she said, "I'm taking a Woman's Health class this weekend about strengthening the pelvic floor." When she told me about everything she was going to learn in that class I was thrilled and booked an appointment with her for the following week!

When she did my initial assessment, she discovered that I was weak on one side, I didn't do Kegels correctly, my lower core lacked strength, I needed some hip strengthening, and I had some signaling issues. I saw her once a week for four weeks with a follow-up assessment at six weeks. The exercises were easy, isolated tiny very important muscles, helped me work them all together, and were very effective! I noticed a difference in a few days!!!!

I had my six-week assessment on Friday. All areas of concern are now fine. There are other areas in my life that have improved as well... Libido, endurance, painless sex, and get this... Better Breath support while singing!!!!

Ladies come see Angeline! She specializes in pelvic floor strengthening. The work she does is phenomenal!

Change your life, not your panties! -Gail Straker

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