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Billing Questions? We've got Answers!!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Many people are asking the same questions, what are the true costs of your medical services? We live in an age where technology can help us be informed consumers of our medical services. According to a Transunion Healthcare survey, 48% of consumers had a partial to no understanding of their financial responsibility for a medical bill. This is staggeringly high. At All In Physical Therapy, we want to help you understand your financial responsibility.

Many insurance carriers offer a procedure cost estimator. Your insurance company may need a procedure code that you can obtain from your medical provider. This may be tricky because many providers either do not know until the time of service or may be unwilling to provide this. If that is the case you can contact your insurance and a member advocate can help obtain some of this information. You can also contact your medical provider and ask them what the anticipated costs are or request them to verify your insurance benefits prior to your visit.

For best cost savings you should first, contact your insurance see if your provider is in-network. If they are, your insurance has already negotiated the rates you will pay for services. Each insurance company will have a different fee schedule. The fee schedule is simply a list of procedures and what the provider is allowed to charge. With so many different insurance plans, providers may have a hard time giving you an estimate. Each patient is unique and case by case. If your provider is out-of-network, you can ask or request to have a self pay or cash rate that should be a discounted amount. Another option is bill insurance and apply it to your out-of-network benefits, if you have any. This route will give you an option to see the provider, but will end with you having higher out of pocket expenses.

At All In Physical Therapy, we do our best to estimate your financial responsibility prior to or on your first visit. I have been working in the physical therapy world for 13 years and have extensive knowledge of how insurance companies work and how we are contracted with each. I can help you navigate through the insurance complexities. I am able to contact your insurance carrier and assist in getting your physical therapy benefits to include what you may owe with a typical visit. We offer self-pay rates and payment plans to fit any budget. Our goal is to get you the care you need first, and then provide flexibility to work with you on payments.

If you would like to have your insurance checked or questions about our services please contact us at 208-515-7575 or fill out the contact us form here on the website.

Jim Burnett, CPC

im Burnett, CPC

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