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Patient Spotlight-Meet Jeff and Samantha

Jeff was referred to Jason after spinal fusion surgery. Not only had he been dealing with spinal issues but he had some unrelated groin area issues. Upon overhearing a conversation, while doing his exercise, about Angie and her pelvic floor therapies and needling he immediately (politely) interrupted and proceeded to ask many questions. After his first needling visit with her he was amazed and a true believer in the needling practice. The pain he had been experiencing for many years in that area was greatly relieved.

His experience with the needling prompted me to make appointments with both Angie for childbirth/female related pelvic floor therapy and with Jason for needling and PT for calcified tendonitis in my shoulder. The progress I have seen in both is amazing. Angie showed me many exercises that have truly helped with nighttime bladder issues. The needling and other therapies that I have been working on with Jason and my shoulder have allowed me to actually sleep on that shoulder, and go several hours a night without pain or waking up. Before the shoulder PT I could not go more than 10 minutes lying on that side, would have pain and numbness throughout the day, and could not even sit without placing something under my elbow to relieve the ache in my bicep.

In short, the relief we have seen from All In Physical Therapy has helped to make the quality of life we experience on a daily basis all that much better. We would definitely recommend their many services to anyone in need.

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