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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Get Prepared for Hiking this Summer

With summer in full swing, the sun is out, and the weather is nice ... it is time to chat about proper hiking footwear. It is always important to take care of those feet while out on a hiking trail, whether it be desert sun or wet forest, knowing which footwear to pick is the first step into a comfortable and pleasant adventure.

  • First and foremost, do not cheap out. Good hiking boots cost at least $100, anything less and your feet will not appreciate the long trip ahead.

  • Find a boot that supports your arch. All arches are slightly different ... high arches, low arches, no arches at all ... you must support the arch you have and find the right comfort. Most hiking boots will have a firm arch, you just need to try out which one suits you best.

  • When trying on a pair of hiking boots, make sure they are snug with no major wiggle room.

  • Also consider trying them on with the sock thickness you will be wearing the most, and towards the end of the day when your feet are swollen. Finding the right socks can be very important to prevent sweating of your feet, especially during the summer months and keeping those toes warm in the spring and fall.

  • Think about the environment of your hikes - breathable shoes for those hot desert hikes and waterproof for forest and mountain hikes. Boots with a high cut ankle are going to be best for preventing any ankle sprains and provide the most support.

  • Most importantly, once you have gotten your hiking boot ... give them a test run, try an easy trail nearby before taking them on the longer treks.

Check with local shoe or outdoor adventure stores and you will be on the right track towards finding a great hiking boot and hitting the trail for all your adventures ahead! Happy Trails!

If you have any further questions on proper hiking footwear, please feel free to reach out to Your All In Physical Therapists, we'd be happy to chat!

-Your Adventure Enthusiast, Angeline Petersen, PT, DPT

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