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Patient Spotlight-Meet Kelli

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

If you need physical therapy you should absolutely come here!

I worked with Jason recovering from a foot surgery and thoroughly appreciated all of his expertise, kindness, and teaching. Besides helping me improve and work through things Jason, Jim, Angela and Quincy all made coming to PT like coming to spend time with friends. They get to know you and are sincerely interested in your well being.

It was easy to continue to keep my appointments and stay motivated to continue with the process/recovery because everyone was invested. They live up to their name: they are All In for you!

The staff are professional but I guarantee you will feel like family when you are done. Every Friday Jason's wife makes cookies that they bake at the office for the patients! Enough said? Jim worked very hard with my dual insurances to make sure I got things covered as best he could. Jim always called back the same day when I left a message. Scheduling was a little tricky but easy enough.

The facility itself was clean, up to date, and has an open gym feeling in the exercise area with more personal and secluded areas for massage, dry needling, TEN's treatment, etc. A patient even fell asleep during her therapy once when I was there, so the environment is what it needs to be for each individual. It never felt overcrowded or frustrating. There is wheel chair access/parking and clean restrooms.

This is a great place for anyone! If you have had a negative experience in the past I highly recommend to try again at All In!

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