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School got you or your kids a little weighed down??? Improper backpack usage can be a cause of back and hip/leg pain. Here’s a few uplifting tips for proper backpack use.



Wear one shoulder strap

Always wear both straps

Loosen the straps and let the backpack hang

Tighten the straps to have close contact between you and your backpack

Randomly toss items into backpack

​Organize heavier items toward bottom and center

Pack super heavy

Pack light

Bend over to swing backpack onto shoulders

Bend at the knees using proper squatting technique to lift backpack and gently place on back

Carry all items in backpack all day

​Drop off items at locker, time permitting, or keep some items at home or in vehicle

If you are experiencing any back, shoulder, hip, or leg discomfort while carrying your backpack please consider readjusting the bag. If pain persists, please consult with your physical therapist. - Angeline Petersen, PT, DPT

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